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I read Brothers in Service: Through Thick and Thin by Lindy Bell in a day and enjoyed it very much. Lindy has a unique style of writing that shows an immense amount of research about first responders.”

Linda, Amazon Reviewer

“The relationship between these three men was so well written that I found myself talking to them out loud! I didn’t want the book to end.”

Laura, Amazon Reviewer

“I read “Brotherhood by Fire” and it was very good. “Brothers in Service” is even better! I mistakenly started it at midnight . . . And read through the entire book, couldn’t put it down.”

Ruth, Amazon Reviewer

“ . . . a heartfelt and skillfully written novel;  . . . an often engaging tribute to firefighters that’s sweet and sad, by turns.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Once I started this book I could not put it down. Although heart wrenching, it is also heartwarming. Highly recommend. But tissues are needed! As a firefighter I can say this book definitely opened my eyes to the dangers of the job. Again, I highly recommend.”

Paul Forth - Amazon Customer

“Definitely a book to read. Certainly an eye opener for the fire community, that coming from a fire wife. Grab the tissues before you start reading because you will not want to stop to get them. I would encourage any fire family to read. It puts thoughts into reality. Detailed to how the fire service works.”

Smith - Amazon Customer

Very powerful read. As a fairly recent retiree. This book definitely hit home. I would recommend it for all current and former firefighters.

Thomas Bystryk - Amazon Customer

“What a wonderful book! I loved the quotes, recipes, illustrations, and the interesting way the author relates how so many of the holidays we celebrate and traditions we continue came to be. This lovely book is filled with interesting fun facts and transports the reader to a fascinating time in history. A great read!”

Kim Black

“What a delightful journey through Regency England. I had heard of many of the holidays but it was charming to walk through the holidays with more understanding. If you enjoy Regency books, this is a MUST-HAVE to help understand the culture and traditions of jolly old England. Sit back and enjoy the read!”

Tamara K. Anderson
Author – Normal For Me

“This is an excellent story of love, commitment, and sacrifice. I absolutely could not put it down! I look forward to reading more books by this author.”

MB – Amazon Reviewer

“This book is well-written and engaging. In “Fully Involved,” Lindy gives us a gift that deepens our appreciation for the men and women who choose this profession.”

Teri Winfield

“I am a compulsive reader, and read over 100 books each year. Though I enjoy most of them, few have much impact on my soul. “Fully Involved” is the rare book that actually made me take a solid look at my priorities. It made me think about my commitment to service and to those I love. It made me grateful for my husband’s health and our long marriage. In short, this book changed me for the better!”

Trudi Hall

“I just finished reading Fully Involved by Lindy Bell. I could not put it down once I read the first page! If I could, I would give this book 10 stars!! It was a terrific read and very enlightening!!”

Connie Willoughby

“Lindy Bell is an outstanding writer and did an exceptional job of putting feelings and emotions into words. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself “fully involved” as you read this story! I feel like I know all the characters personally and have a better understanding and appreciation for the firefighters who risk their lives to save others. Great read!”

Melanie Floyd

“What a beautiful, poignant story this was! I fell in love with Katie and Andy from the very first chapter. The author’s wonderful descriptive writing style brought every page to life. I loved getting a glimpse into the community of firefighters that I was not aware of. It made me even more appreciative of all of those who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us.”


Kristine Newberg

“I usually read complex novels and thought this might be a little more lighthearted. However, the obvious research by this author made this a sophisticated read with the theme of firefighting and the often overlooked health risks these heroes face. The characters grow rich and believable as the storyline moves forward. I enjoyed every page, but her art particularly shines brighter in the last third of the book-it was as if she was actually present with the characters, writing with such emotional detail. “

Sandy Saucier

“This is an excellent story of love, commitment, and sacrifice. I absolutely could not put it down! I look forward to reading more books by this author.”

Amazon Reviewer

“This book is a must read. The author captures every emotion and takes you on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. Very powerful and well worth the read. Hard to put down.”

Chris Rose

“From the first page the author takes you on a powerful journey. She creates characters that envelope you in their lives and you feel that you are living the experience with them. Emotionally charged. A must read.”

Marisue Meyer

“Impeccably researched, the book offers the reader the fascinating perspective of a fly on the wall during an especially tense personnel investigation, riding in a fire engine on the way to an emergency, and while taking strategic orders inside a burning house. Emotionally compelling to the end, the book also performs the service of raising awareness of a job hazard that can cause suffering for firefighters and their loved ones long after flames are extinguished.”

  Cindy Jones
Author – My Jane Austen Summer

“I just finished reading Fully Involved, and I must say it is amazing!!!  My brain was stretched concerning the role of firefighters while the drama of the characters touched my heart with deep emotion.”

Ann Gray

“The brotherhood in the fire service with all of its traumas and rivalries is difficult to capture, but Lindy Bell did it. I laughed and I cried during the read. That’s a pretty quick metric to express how potently she was able to deliver.”

Captain Jeremy Wolfe
Abilene Fire Department

“Fully Involved was an engrossing, gut-wrenching, page-turner.  . . .  I found the character development riveting. You know that you are captivated when you dislike some characters, are sympathetic toward others, and embrace still others.”

Harriett Perello

“Lindy Bell has penned a powerful debut novel about the dedication and dangers of fire service. . . .  This is one of the most poignant and moving novels I’ve read. I became “fully involved” as I devoured the 460-page story in just two evenings. . . Read this book. You’ll love the characters, and you’ll learn something.”

Glenn Dromgoole
Writer, Proprietor – Texas Star Trading, Abilene, TX

“I commend the author (Lindy Bell) for her accurate depiction of the relationships and tensions that exist within the department. As a firefighter your coworkers truly become your second family and you develop a relationship that is almost impossible to explain to someone outside the department. Ms. Bell has painted an accurate picture of the bond that develops.  I highly recommend this book.”

Retired Fire Chief
Abilene, TX Fire Department

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To Become a Brother Garners a Strong Review!

To Become a Brother is a novel that follows young Lucas, whose father was killed in a training accident at an Army base, devastating his mother and changing their family’s happiness and trajectory. Lucas’ former association with Mr. Andy, a firefighter,…

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Okay - I’m excited. I’m excited because today is release day for my first young adult novel, To Become A Brother.  This book is about Lucas Matthews, the young boy Andy and Katie befriended in Brotherhood By Fire. Lucas has…

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What a great day! The book launch for BROTHERS IN SERVICE – THROUGH THICK & THIN on Saturday, May 4th, was a tremendous success. Why May 4th? That is International Firefighters’ Day when firefighters around the world are celebrated and…

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Don't wait to get your copy! Second book in the Beyond the Badge series, BROTHERS IN SERVICE-THROUGH THICK & THIN is now available on Amazon - paperback and e-book formats. ...

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BROTHERS IN SERVICE: THROUGH THICK & THIN, the second book in the Beyond the Badge Series is now available just in time for the holidays! Get your copy today!


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Audio version of "Brotherhood By Fire" is now available! To hear a snippet, watch the video until the very end! Audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, Apple Books and iTunes! ...

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The thrill of learning "Brotherhood By Fire" has gone live on Audible! Read about the journey and hear an excerpt from the book through the blog post on my website available here: . The audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, Apple Books and iTunes. SO exciting!! ...

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It's 'HEAR!' --- It's 'HEAR!' The audio version of Brotherhood by Fire is now available on Audible. and will soon be available on Amazon and iTunes. The story is fabulously brought to life by voice actor Brandon Pollock. Be one of the first to listen and review. Available through the Audible link below. ...

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See what the buzz is about and read BROTHERHOOD BY FIRE. Enter to win a copy and a $15 Amazon gift card. Access through the link below: ...

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Celebrate the holidays with the perfect gift for a Jane Austen fan. JANE AUSTEN CELEBRATES - HOLIDAYS AND OCCASIONS REGENCY STYLE is a lovely, hardback book that covers the origin of holidays throughout the year, how they were celebrated in Jane Austen's day and how they've evolved into the traditions we celebrate today.

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It's Black Friday Savings before Black Friday! Rack up some savings on a super cool Christmas gift for your favorite firefighter!

The cost for both the paperback and ebook versions of BROTHERHOOD BY FIRE have been temporarily reduced: Paperback - $14.95; Ebook - $2.99. Firefighters are praising BROTHERHOOD BY FIRE.

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LAST WEEK FOR REDUCED PRICING! As National Fire Prevention Month comes to a close, so is the reduced pricing of $2.99 for the ebook version of Brotherhood By Fire. Here's your opportunity to grab a great book at a great price. Don't wait! Reduced pricing ends October 31st.

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As a thank you for the overwhelming response and support for BROTHERHOOD BY FIRE, the ebook has been temporarily reduced to $2.99!

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Don't Miss This Compelling Must Read!


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A HUGE THANK YOU to the Sacramento, CA Fire Department who just bought a bulk order of FULLY INVOLVED for spouses of new firefighters and to gift at spousal support workshops throughout the year. Thank you for the great order and thank you for your service! ...

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You are invited to take a look at the updated and revamped LindyBellWrites website. While you're there, you can sign up for Lindy's Lines monthly newsletter too. ...

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Due to its success, extended one more week! Get FULLY INVOLVED for $1.99 while you can! ...

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Due to its success, extended one more week! Get FULLY INVOLVED for $1.99 while you can!

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4.5-STAR REVIEW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫: FULLY INVOLVED by Lindy Bell Lindy Bell Writes 👀Click on link to read the full review. ...

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