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Release Date: December 5, 2023

“Deeply engaging, Lindy Bell’s Brothers in Service: Through Thick & Thin reveals the powerful bond between first responders who, through professional and personal adversity, become more like brothers than friends.”

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Best friends, more like brothers, Riley Sullivan, Jeremy Ennis, and Cade Marshall have always been there for each other—through thick and thin—no matter what. Sometimes though, life just gets in the way and that bond is tested far beyond what could ever be imagined.

Everything is coming together just as Riley Sullivan had dreamed. He couldn’t be happier until his first run as a rookie fire department paramedic upends it all, causing him to question the dream he holds dear. His professional uncertainty spills over into the rest of his life, creating a domino effect from which Riley staggers to recover.

Jeremy Ennis, a popular two-year veteran with the fire department, is fighting demons he refuses to discuss with anyone, even those closest to him. Those demons, and his fear, whether rational or irrational, ultimately place him in a life or death situation where he needs to focus all of his resources, but will it be enough for his survival.

Cade Marshall is the proud next link in his family’s distinguished legacy of police service. Unfortunately for Cade, he is paired with a nothing’s by the book partner who challenges Cade’s love of his job and his very desire to serve.

Riley, Jeremy, and Cade each have a unique story, but their individual stories are indelibly linked in a bond that will be tried and tested to the limits of its endurance. Is their bond strong enough to help them weather, together, the storms each face individually and will it ultimately provide them with renewed faith in themselves and—each other?

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Riley stared at the stereo and its pieces on the worktable in front of him. Why couldn’t life be as simple as putting pieces back together so everything worked again? That’s what Riley wanted. He wanted things back together and working again—he and Maggie back together, Jeremy and Allie back together, and a partner or a new job, or even both, for Cade. The most frustrating thing was that all of it was totally out of his control. For him, nothing could be more frustrating.