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To Become a Brother

Release Date: June 18, 2024

Intense and compelling. To Become a Brother is the story of one young man who defies all odds to fulfill his dream of becoming a firefighter.

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Lucas has dreams of becoming a firefighter just like his hero from second grade, Firefighter Andy Garrett. But in reality, Lucas’ life as a teenager is hard. It’s been made even harder after losing his parents at a young age by being constantly bounced from one foster home and one new school to another.

Finding himself in yet another new school, Lucas witnesses a girl being bullied and selflessly steps in to help. Successful in drawing Joel De Grey’s and his two friends’ attention from the girl, Lucas now finds himself squarely in their sites. While this encounter becomes the first of many with these three, it surprisingly forges a path to somewhere Lucas only imagined in his dreams. A home and a loving family. But is this wonderful new life really happening or is it too good to be true?

A life’s story filled with heartrending loss, heart-pounding danger, and heartwarming love.

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The bus door hissed closed and after a minute or two the bus jerked into motion, yanking Lucas reluctantly back to the present. His legs dangled over the edge of the seat while he ran the fingers of one hand aimlessly along its textured gray upholstery. Everything seemed gray including the steely gray of the cloudy sky outside the bus window. He watched the bus terminal and the parking lot roll by as they pulled onto the main road and then onto the highway that would take him further and further from Mrs. Garrett, Mr. Andy, and Abernathy. Lucas clenched his hands into fists on top of his treasure box, the rhythm of the tires humming around him as they started to roll down the highway. He leaned his head against the cold window and squeezed his eyes tight, making a promise to himself. He was going to become a firefighter, just like Mr. Andy, and when he did, he was coming back to Abernathy to surprise Mr. Andy and Mrs. Garrett. He couldn’t wait.