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Work, Work, Work and then. . . .

It’s happening . . . . it’s really happening!  I have a book for sale on major book outlets including Amazon, B&N, BAM and Indie Publishing.  I have friends telling me, “You’re on Amazon!”  I have people telling me they can’t wait to get my book.  It’s really happening!  I have dreamed of this time for so long and until last March, never really truly, deep down thought it would happen.  Two days in March at Richard Paul Evans’ Premier Author Training changed my life and gave me the tools and connections I needed to make the dream of published authorship a reality.

The last few months have been crazy, hectic, busy (to say the least) with edits, more edits, obtaining testimonials, working with the artist to tweak the cover (Fran is amazing), more edits, writing the synopsis and teasers for the cover, more edits, and then stressing and fretting while Dayna worked so very, very hard uploading the book and cover onto Ingram (Dayna is super amazing!) and now, I have a beautiful book – inside and out – and one I can’t wait to share with family, friends and fellow Jane Austen lovers.

Jane Austen Celebrates – Holidays and Occasions Regency Style is a fun but factually informative read and there’s something in it for anyone who likes parties, history, tradition, celebrations and of course – Jane Austen who was my inspiration from the beginning.  I hope it brings to everyone as they read, a warm, cuddly, content feeling seeing people enjoying, loving and caring for each other through the traditions and joys of holidays no matter the time of year.

I hope you’ll have a chance to read my inaugural debut into the published world and share your thoughts with me.  I look forward to hearing from you and my thanks in advance.

Until next time . . .

Happy Holidays!

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