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Dreams Do Come True

And that’s a fact.  Dreams do come true and they often do but usually only after a lot of work, angst and the key ingredient . . . persistence.  Everyone has dreams whether they’re small or grand.  Dreams keep us motivated and always striving for something better.


I’ve had a dream my entire life:  I’ve wanted to be a writer.  From continually writing letters while growing up to drafts of short stories to picking out names for characters, I always had it in the back of my head, I ultimately wanted to be a writer.  Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked and got the idea my writing would never measure up but then two things happened.  First, a friend at church who is a published author read an article I wrote and I asked for her honest opinion.  I wanted to know if I truly had it to be an author.  She said, “Some people think they’re writers, but they’re not.  You  though. . . you are a writer.”  Talk about giving you a boost of confidence!  I was over the moon and now determined like never before to continue pursuing my passion.  But then the question came:  ‘Okay – so, you write something.  Then what do you do?’  I didn’t have a clue!


But then came Richard Paul Evans.  I received information about his inaugural “Premier Author Training Workshop” with a maximum of 30 writers with personal instruction from RPE, an author I’ve admired and revered for years as my all-time favorite modern day writer.  I went.  It changed my life.  Not only was he inspirational in his encouragement to write, but he also provided the practical tools to be published – whether self publishing or traditional.  Now, I was prepared, supplied and inspired to follow my dream in earnest.


Less than a year after attending his workshop, I self published Jane Austen Celebrates Holidays and Occasions Regency Style.  What a rewarding experience to see my name as the author on a beautiful hardback book!  I’m so very proud of it and it’s received many compliments both for its content and for the beauty of its cover.


And now, I’ve completed a book I’ve been writing and researching off and on for ten years.  It’s near and dear to my heart, and I’m proud of how it’s turned out.  Now, I’m utilizing more tools learned from Richard Paul Evans in querying agents and the next steps beyond. I know the publishing world is about rejections but this is where persistence comes in.  It’s just a matter of time until I find the right connection with the right agent, and it will happen!


I look forward to seeing you at a bookstore with Fully Involved – Brotherhood by Fire in your hand and a pen in my hand ready to sign your copy.  It will happen – because remember: Dreams do come true.


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