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If you love a good romance, and who doesn’t, you’re going to love Lindy Bell’s powerful debut novel, Fully Involved, which captivatingly weaves multiple levels of romance into an engaging story. Fully Involved is profoundly touching and will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of firefighters and the potential dangers they face every time they walk through the fire station door.

Fully Involved is an engaging romance and the touching love story between a cocky young firefighter, Andy Garrett, and his shy, schoolteacher wife, Katie, is front and center. The intensity of their love could be a catalyst for disaster, but it can also be the power irrefutable love forges between a wife and the husband dearer to her than life itself. When Andy is diagnosed with cancer, their entire world is turned upside down. Andy clumsily tries to protect Katie from the truth by not telling her, but her fear — and his increasing pain and tumultuous emotions — only feed Katie’s deep-seated insecurities, as they fight for Andy’s life and for their marriage.

While the fire station and its comradery are Andy’s refuge, station officer Lt. Mike Bentley wages a vendetta against Andy. This threat makes Andy even more determined to avoid revealing weakness of any kind, compellingly depicting the love he feels for the fire service while bringing to light the profession’s inherent dangers, both seen and the unseen.

Bentley may despise Andy, but the C shift crew, true to the fire service brotherhood, rallies to support Andy. The brotherhood is not a myth; the depth of devotion and love is realistically and powerfully depicted in the care these firefighters provide not only to Andy and Katie, but also to the public they serve.

While Andy faces his diagnosis gallantly and continues to pursue his passion for firefighting, Katie proves to be an equally gallant wife who supports him with a strength worthy of the man she loves. When Katie discovers Andy’s cancer was caused by exposure to lethal chemicals while on duty, she resolves to navigate the treacherous maze of grief and uncertainty and learn how to advocate for increased firefighter safety.

Firefighters face a myriad of dangers, but the invisible dangers might pose the greatest threat of all. Will courage, duty, and love be enough to save Andy from these unseen threats and will he come to recognize the impact his life has on others? If the worst should happen, would his greatest legacy be the love of the fire service or the love for his wife?  In the end, the unforeseen might have the greatest significance of all.

Fully Involved invites you to step into the firefighters’ world – a world where humble heroes courageously take on dangers with the same intensity and devotion they give their families who sacrifice so bravely right beside them.


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