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The week of October 3-9 is National Fire Prevention Week and the month of October is National Fire Prevention Month.  Why?  Because 150 years ago this week was the Great Chicago Fire that destroyed more than 17,000 structures, left over 100,000 homeless and sadly, killed over 300 people.  It was a fire that changed firefighting forever.


While firefighting has become more advanced and scientific and the equipment and gear used by firefighters is the best its ever been, dangers – both seen and unseen – are still real.  Thus, the story of the real firefighter who inspired “Fully Involved.”  While flames and collapsing buildings are still just as real dangers as ever, now add the toxic blend of chemicals in the smoke generated by modern day fires.  Today’s fires burn hotter and more lethally than ever.  Chemicals turn into vapor when burned and then settle on firefighters’ gear and when removed, transfer onto their skin to potentially be absorbed as cancer-causing agents.  The rate of cancer-caused deaths among members of the fire service is 14% higher than the general public and 61% of cancer firefighter deaths in the line of duty occurred as a result of cancer.  Sobering statistics.


FULLY INVOLVED was written to increase the public’s awareness of the cancer dangers faced in the fire service but told through an engaging story.  From the reviews and comments received, I think FULLY INVOLVED succeeds


So, to celebrate October’s National Fire Prevention Week – the 3rd through 9th, the e-book version of FULLY INVOLVED is available this week only on Amazon for a special price of $1.99.  I hope you’ll take advantage and get “fully involved” in reading this absorbing story but also learn more about the cancer dangers these brave heroes face daily.


As always, thanks for reading and “Keep It Going . . . “

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