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As an author, I have to admit that it’s really quite thrilling to receive comments from readers about your writing. The comments I continue to receive on Brotherhood By Fire never cease to amaze me and all the different ways readers say the book has impacted them.

After discussing the book with Audible narrator, Brandon Pollock,, we thought it might be interesting to gather some of those who either had an impact on the writing of the book or who have said the book has impacted them greatly to openly discuss the book.  Thus, the Brotherhood By Fire roundtable was held.

Brandon served as the mediator with six other participants besides myself contributing. I am deeply thankful to each of them for their time, input and comments. Each one’s perspective was unique and interesting and still, as an author, it was impactful to me to hear what they had to say.

Brandon Pollock did a masterful job in mediating the virtual roundtable from his Audible recording booth.  He spoke about how ‘performing’ certain parts of the book actually wasn’t performing at all but the tears were real.

Sandy Saucier, the alpha reader for the upcoming Brothers In Service – Through Thick & Thin, gave her thoughts on the book when she read it originally as well as the recent audiobook version. Sandy is an excellent critical thinker and her thoughts always give me a unique insight.

Battalion Chief Jeremy Wolfe who wrote the email he graciously allowed me to adapt and use in the book shared his thoughts from a firefighter’s perspective.  It was gratifying to hear firsthand what he thought and his comments on the realism of the service portrayed in the book.

Longtime friend and Big Brothers/Big Sisters official, Trina Ostlien, shared her thoughts on how the book’s character, Andy Garrett becomes a ‘big brother’ to Lucas Matthews and the impact that had on Lucas’ life. She spoke on how true to life this is with many firefighters becoming a ‘big brother’ which has a far reaching impact on the young boys they devote time to each week.

Friend and close work associate, Abby Morales, shared that Brotherhood By Fire impacted how she continues to deal with grief at the loss of a brother to cancer several years ago. She shared her response to the book as she read it, and it was really quite moving.

Dear friend, Kay Nabors, shared how strongly the book impacted her as a reader. I’ve heard from several readers that the reaction Kay had while reading is shared by many readers. It gives me chills every time to think words I wrote could have such an impact.

Last but absolutely by no means least, my awesome nephew, Zac Bell, shared his thoughts. What he didn’t know until the round table discussion was that one of characters in the book had been inspired by him. How ironic was it then that he mentioned that same character had resonated with him when he read the book. I was also able to surprise Zac with some meaningful news about the upcoming Brothers In Service that I think he was surprised and pleased to hear. (you’ll have to watch the video to get that news!)  Zac shared his perspective on the book as a firefighter as well and with so much information and ideas he’s inspired in my writing, it was great to hear more of his thoughts and how applicable the book is to the fire service thanks to great input.

It’s an interesting one-hour hearing directly from those close to the book sharing their insight and unique perspective. I hope you’ll take some time to view the video available through the link below whether in one sitting or as you have time. Once you do, I’d love to get your thoughts and maybe even include you in the next roundtable where we will be discussing Brothers In Service – Through Thick & Thin.

Happy Reading and Listening!


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