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IT’S A REALLY BIG DEAL – Outstanding Review from Midwest Book Review

To say, I’m excited and incredibly happy after receiving this incredible review from Midwest Book Reviews and Donovan’s Literary Services is an understatement of epic proportions. Midwest Book Reviews is a highly respected literary review service so to have received such comments from one of their reviewers is a really BIG deal!  I just had to share and hope you’ll take a minute to read and  enjoy the review.

Brothers in Service – Through Thick & Thin is the second book in the Beyond the Badge series, which tells of three best friends who move away from childhood to accept jobs in the fire and police departments.

Each character receives in-depth examination by Lindy Bell, who not only reveals the actions and requirements of service in these jobs, but creates demons, dilemmas, and growth experiences that test the secrets and mettle of each young man.

The “you are here” focus evolves from the start:

“He didn’t fit. No matter how hard he tried, Riley Sullivan just didn’t fit. With the ambulance siren wailing overhead, he tried one more time to make room for his long legs in the cab’s jump seat. He never thought riding in an ambulance would be this uncomfortable.”

Bell takes the time to build a sense of place, personality, and predicaments that both draw the friends together and threaten to move them into new areas with obstacles that challenge their long-term friendships.

She develops characters and career challenges for each, creating growth experiences and opportunities that lend to each friend’s ability to navigate not only their personal conundrums, but the art of maintaining long-term relationships and friendships through it all.

From new career opportunities to personal losses that test and demand camaraderie on a different level, Brothers in Service – Through Thick & Thin examines the fine art of effort and recovery. It paints a moving portrait of how adult friendships can be tested even if they rest on the foundations of loyalty and shared respect.

Between its realistic, accurate portrayal of the fire service and situations which range from sexual harassment at work to mentors, superstitions, and how diverse personalities can maintain close friendships even when life circumstances threaten to tear them apart, Bell has crafted a winner, here.

Libraries and readers interested in close examinations of male bonding, service career choices, and life growth processes will find Brothers in Service – Through Thick & Thin both a satisfying sequel to the first book in the Beyond the Badge series. It’s a powerful, highly recommended, ongoing exploration of ability, different kinds of relationships, and dealing with life challenges that also reveals nuances of tackling careers in service. D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review/D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

Reviews are like gold to an author so if you’ve read either Brotherhood  By Fire or Brothers in Service -Through Thick & Thin and would like to leave your own review, it would be greatly appreciated.  To do so, go to the product page on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for either book. For Brotherhood By Fire on Amazon and for Brothers In Service scroll about two-thirds of the way down and click on the “Review This Product” button on the left hand side. Complete the form with just a few clicks. You don’t even have to write a review if you’d rather not, just click on the star rating you choose and then submit and you’re done.  On the product page on Barnes & Noble,  “Write a Review” located just below the book title and you’re ready to roll.

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